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kamiya kun

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"Don’t take it so personally / You’re not the only one"

— ‘That’s Where You’re Wrong’, Arctic Monkeys



"I can’t get over you / You left your mark on me / I want your hot love and emotion endlessly"

— ‘Hold On, Were Going Home’, Drake

"We could go and get 40’s / Fuck going to that party"

— ‘12:51’, The Strokes

"I tried to make you see / But you don’t wanna know / You don’t want to know"

— ‘What Became of the Likely Lads’, The Libertines

"So don’t think that I’m pushing you away / When you’re the one that I’ve kept closest"

— ‘Crystalised’, The xx

"He wants it easy, he want it relaxed / Said I can do a lot of things, but I can’t do that"

— ‘The End Has No End’, The Strokes